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RJ Parker Locksmiths
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RJ Parker Locksmith and Auto Locksmith in Coventry

Welcome to R.J Parker. We provide domestic and business locksmith services coupled with an auto locksmith service for Coventry and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our unique heritage, quality service and affordable pricing.

We were established in 1979 and have developed many loyal clients across Coventry.  We offer an honest, prompt, polite, and old fashioned service. So if you need a locksmith in Coventry or require an auto locksmith in Coventry please give us a call today on 02476 594 171.


This weeks Special Offers - Massive Stock Clearance


40% OFF

and 10% off accompanying barrels, either restricted profilem master keyed open profile or even our new profile!!

Our new range of padlock bodies include the new:

Abus range and Anchor Ias Abus Titalium (A mix of titanium and aluminium) open shackle 45mm and 55mm

Abus Submariner weather proof open shackle

Abus 83/45 open shackle 45mm

Abus 83/80 closed shackle CEN 6

Anchor Ias 830 open and closed shackle 60mm CEN4

Anchor Ias 802-2 45mm wide 60mm long brass and chrome