Welcome to RJ Parker, your trusted locksmith in Coventry. We specialise in designing and building master key systems tailored to meet your specific needs. Our Coventry workshop is equipped with the latest Grundmann 6-pin restricted section keys and cylinders, enabling us to create master key systems ranging from three to several hundred locks depending on your requirements.

Our master key systems are designed to provide you with maximum security and convenience. With our system, there are very few locks that cannot be master keyed, including padlocks, panic bars, external lock cylinders, and gates. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we can master key all of your doors, giving you a single key to access all areas of your property.

Many businesses can benefit from our master key systems, including hotels, shops, offices, landlords, schools, and factories. Whether you have several rental properties, a school, or a holiday home, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Here’s how we build your master key system from start to finish:

  • You tell us what type of building you want to master key.
  • You tell us how many doors you have and where they are located, or we can visit your property in Coventry to check.
  • You tell us who needs access, such as family, staff, or tenants.
  • You tell us who can go where.
  • You tell us how you want your keys stamped, such as “OFF” for office, “F1” for Flat 1, “79H” for 79 Hill St., or even “MUM.”
  • We design a plan that gives everyone access to where they need to go with only one key.
  • We check the plan with you and build your locks.
  • All our locks and keys are stamped as agreed to ensure easy identification and use.

We also offer the pExtra+ system, a unique product exclusive to RJ Parker Coventry. This system features three profiles with an overriding common key, providing superior key-related security. Our pExtra+ system is EN1303 key-related security Grade 6 and is up to kite marked approved standard, TS007 1-star. The system is anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-bump, making it a highly secure solution for your property.

Our sophisticated patented key profile includes a “branch groove” that prevents duplicate keys from being made using current commercial key milling machines. The blocking pin verifies the presence of the branch groove, preventing illegally copied keys from working.

Contact RJ Parker today at 02476 594 171 to schedule a consultation with our master locksmiths and discover how we can create a bespoke master key system for your property.

Our opening hours are 07:30 to 19:30 Monday-Sunday, with out-of-hours Master Keying, Key Cutting, Sales and Emergency Cover available on request. Please call ahead first for these to confirm availability.