We offer a wide variety of standard padlocks suitable for different purposes. Our range includes small padlocks for suitcases, as well as larger 60mm and 70mm padlocks suitable for gates and shutters. These padlocks come in various finishes, shapes, and sizes – square, round, oblong, short, long, and closed shackle, key-operated, or combination.

We also have an extensive selection of specialist padlocks, available as body only, to which we can add the lock. This allows us to offer standard or restricted key options, and they can be keyed to suit existing master keyed lock suits. Our specialist padlocks come in different sizes and shapes, ranging from 40mm to 90mm, with open and closed shackles, and long and short shackle options. To complement our range, we also stock locking bars, ground anchors, and through-hardened chains.

Our range of padlocks is made up of high-quality brands such as Squire, Asec, Cisa, IFAM, Kaba, Abus, MaXus, Master, Anchor Las, ISEO, and ERA, among others. We stand by our reputation as a reliable, professional, and affordable locksmith service provider in Coventry. Contact us today to get a quick quote on your padlock needs.

Our opening hours are 07:30 to 19:30 Monday-Friday, with out-of-hours Master Keying, Key Cutting, Sales and Emergency Cover available on request. Please call ahead first for these to confirm availability.