Padlocks are a ubiquitous form of security, versatile enough to secure everything from suitcases to industrial gates. At RJ Parker Locksmiths, we recognise the importance of choosing the right padlock for the right job. This guide explores the various types of padlocks available, their specific uses, and how to select the perfect padlock for your needs. We also highlight our wide range of padlocks, from compact designs for personal luggage to robust options for securing larger commercial properties.

What is a Padlock?

A padlock is a portable lock with a shackle that may be passed through an opening (such as a chain link, or hasp staple) to prevent use, theft, vandalism, or harm. Simple and effective, padlocks are one of the oldest locking mechanisms still widely used today.

The Mechanics of Padlocks

Padlocks operate using a locking mechanism that engages a shackle with the body of the lock. They can be opened by a key, a combination code, or a more sophisticated mechanism like a fingerprint or Bluetooth enabled device.

Types of Padlocks and Their Uses

  1. Solid Brass Padlocks: These are highly resistant to corrosion and therefore are ideal for outdoor use, such as locking gates, sheds, and storage units. Their resilience makes them a popular choice for general security needs.
  2. Laminated Padlocks: Comprising multiple layers of steel, laminated padlocks offer enhanced strength and resistance against forceful attacks. They are perfect for securing commercial properties, garages, and even residential gates.
  3. Combination Padlocks: These padlocks eliminate the need for keys, which can be lost or copied. Instead, they use a set of dials that open the lock when the correct sequence is entered. Combination padlocks are great for school lockers, gym lockers, and suitcases.
  4. Discus Padlocks: Also known as disc padlocks, these are shaped in a way that minimises exposure of the shackle, making them harder to cut through. They are excellent for securing storage units, trucks, and trailers.
  5. Weatherproof Padlocks: Specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, these padlocks usually have a protective covering that shields the lock from rain, dust, and freezing conditions. Ideal for securing exterior gates and sheds in variable climates.
  6. High Security Padlocks: These are constructed with advanced security features such as anti-drill and anti-pick mechanisms, and are often made from top-grade materials that are resistant to tampering. Suitable for high-risk areas such as warehouse doors or high-value property storage.
  7. Keyed Alike and Master Keyed Padlocks: These offer convenience in situations where multiple padlocks are in use. Keyed alike padlocks can be opened with the same key, reducing the number of keys you need to carry. Master keyed padlocks allow for access hierarchies, ideal for businesses where different staff members need different levels of access.

How to Choose the Right Padlock

Selecting the right padlock involves considering the specific security needs, environment, and the value of the items being secured. Here are some tips:

  • Assess the Risk: Higher risk items should be secured with high-security padlocks.
  • Consider the Environment: If the padlock will be used outdoors, consider weatherproof or corrosion-resistant models.
  • Size and Fit: Ensure the padlock shackle fits snugly with the item it secures to minimise vulnerabilities.
  • Convenience vs Security: Decide if a key or combination lock suits your lifestyle better.

Our Range at RJ Parker Locksmiths

At RJ Parker Locksmiths, we offer a comprehensive array of padlocks to suit any need. From small padlocks perfect for securing suitcases during your travels to robust 60mm and 70mm padlocks designed for securing large gates and shutters, our selection caters to both personal and commercial security requirements.


Choosing the right padlock is crucial for effective security. With our extensive range of padlocks, RJ Parker Locksmiths ensures that whether you’re locking up a suitcase or a warehouse, you have the right tools for the job. Contact us to find the ideal padlock to meet your security needs, knowing that no matter what you choose, you’re safeguarded with a reliable, quality product.